How to Choose the Right Type of Hard Armor

There are many different types of hard armor. Some are made of ceramic or steel, while others are composed of composite materials. Each one has its own strength and durability, and is interlocked with vests and other body protection systems. The interlocking system makes hard armor much stronger than most other types of body protection. The thickness of the plates and the protective ability of the overall system can influence the overall cost. If you are interested in purchasing hard armor, the following tips will help you choose the right type.

Ceramic/Composite Hard Body Armor is increasingly popular. Alumina or aluminum oxide is a ceramic material with a high melting point. Most of these armor plates are made of alumina with a backing made of polyethylene (UHMWPE). However, some manufacturers may use plastic polyethylene. It is more durable and lighter than the other two types of material, and is ideal for the hands and feet. If you choose this type of armor, remember to check the melting point of the material.

Before choosing a hard armor piece, make sure you know what size you need. You should consider whether your hard armor is a back plate or a shoulder plate. Regardless of its use, it should cover your nipples. It also protects your heart, lungs, and guts. There are many different shapes of armor plates, and choosing the right one depends on how much coverage you need. For example, rectangular armor plates provide the least mobility, but are popular for back plates. Alternatively, you can choose SAPI armor plates with cutouts on the upper corners.

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