Protect Yourself With Quadrelease Plate Carriers and Corrguard Vests

Although body armor is a good investment, it is not the only thing to consider. A person’s personal style is just as important as his or her protective gear. Many individuals opt for hard armor because of its weight and versatility. If you are worried about your comfort level, you can always buy a cheaper, lightweight model. However, if you are more concerned with protecting yourself from harm in hostile situations, you should consider buying a heavy body armor.

In the UK, most combat soldiers wear external hard armor, which is usually bulkier than the concealable ones. This type of hard armor is generally the thickest, so it will make you appear bigger. It will make you look larger, but it will not cover your entire body. It will keep you protected against bullets that can penetrate your chest and upper back. For this reason, you should avoid wearing this type of hard armor. Instead, wear a lightweight vest or a light-colored one.

Similarly, soft body armor is easy to wear and flexible, but it is not as strong as hard body armor. A soft body armor is rated to stop only pistol- and rifle-caliber ammunition. A hard body armour consists of a soft armor shell and a plate carrier. The metal plates are ceramic or ballistic steel, which are then inserted into the functional apparel. The internal plates of a hard body piece are a lot stronger than the soft ones, which is why it is better for people who work with handguns.

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